Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Its all funny until someone pees on your lap

Do you ever have days where you say something, but mean something else? Its been happening to me a lot lately.

I need to clarify in a previous blog that my friend Cindy is Matthews Godmother, not Brookes. Shell Dinter is Brooke's Godmother.

I'm so excited! Today, tonight Shell and I might take the kids to Bay Beach again. I working up the courage to do the swings. O.K. chances are that Shell will do all the daring rides with Jacob and I'll stay with the babies. Thats o.k. too.

A funny thing happened the other day.
We were all driving home from church. The kids were in their car seats and I was holding onto Brooke's doll. I had my feet up on the dash board and had Brooke's doll facing me. Its a 14-15 inch doll and it was naked.
Well, Scott noticed that the people in the lane next to us were just gawking at us. He thought it was because the doll looked like a baby sitting on my lap. It was hilarious. Because this doll does have a lot of human features. I'm sure they thought I was nursing it or cuddling it and were just outraged. If those people ever find this blog this is what I'd like to say. HAHAHAHA! You should have seen the looks on your faces! It was a doll! Com'on! You think I'd have a naked baby sitting on my lap? I'd have a diaper on it at least.

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Jen said...

Hi, I am a triplet mom too.
That is a great story, very funny. I can just see the looks that people were giving you. hehehe.