Monday, July 7, 2008

An unordinary day

Jacob and I were off to swimming lessons today. And as we pulled off the highway onto one of the main roads, a driver in a cement truck pulled up next to us. Since my air conditioning in my van isn't working, I had every possible window open. My van has a sticker on the back that says, "Got Triplets?" And has two stick boys and one stick girl below it. The driver yelled out, "Hey, you got triplets?" And I turned towards him and saw he had a goofy-happy look on his face. And I said, "Yes, they are two." And he waved his hand in the air and yelled, "Yeah!" It was nice to NOT get that normal reaction. The way people gawk and turn their heads at odd angles when passing us. Sure, I could take the sticker off my van and be like the other million blue mini-vans. Maybe I'll get one of those obnoxious little boy peeing on a Ford stickers.

So this prompted one of those in depth life-altering conversations with Jacob. Jacob says, "What did that guy yell?" And I replied, "He likes our sticker on the back of the van about the babies." Jacob say, "Mom, they aren't babies." And I said, "Well, what should we call them? I call them my babies because they are my youngest children. And I don't like saying triplets all the time." Jacob thinks for a moment, "I can be your big kid and they can be your little kids." And really, that was a good idea! But a moment later he told me I could call them babies again.

So, fast forward through the afternoon and Brooke unzipping her crib tent and falling out today. Tonight, I will be making ties for the zippers so they can't get out. After that, the babies fell asleep for a little more than 2 hours. (Yipee!)

So we went outside and played. See pictures interjected into this blog.

Next, we go inside and I get some snacks out. Baked Cheetos. The babies LOVE baked Cheetos. They gobble them down. So, I'm sitting on the couch and Brooke and John are on their second community bowl of Baked Cheetos. John turns his head to look at me and he's got a Cheeto stuck up his nose. Now, at this moment, my reaction could change the way he eats or sniffs Cheetos. So I try not to let him see my nostrils flare and my eyes widen in laughter. And the oddest thing is that he was completely serious, just looking at me. He didn't even have a twinkle in his eye. He took the Cheeto out of his nose and then put it back in again. And finally I think I found my voice, "John, not in your nose, in your mouth!" And he took it out and ate it. (It sounds more gross than it actually was - the eating after in the nose part)

So I went to get the camera and waited for him to do it again. But no such luck.


Collegegirl said...

Swingsets, cheetos, and lessons. Sounds like summer is in full swing. The kiddos look like they are havinf fun!

Collegegirl said...

Sorry-HAVING fun!!!

Deanna said...

OMGoodness you really made me LOL with the cheeto story!!

Too cute!!

And what a sweet conversation you had in the car....AWWWW..I love moments like those.