Friday, July 4, 2008

A birthday hangover

Lets see... whats new for today? Hmmm. Oh, pee and poop. Miss Houdini here likes to take off her diaper and clothing. (Clothing is usually first) I found her naked in her crib today and then when it was nap time, she had a messy diaper and took it off.

I wanted to take a nap today. The babies were giggling and having a good time. Then they started whining. I went to check on them and noticed John had a messy diaper. So I changed him and put him back to bed. I noticed Brooke was still up and her clothes were on. Then I had to go in a little while later to check on them and then Brooke had fallen asleep. So I go lay down in my comfy bed and I'm just about asleep when I hear Brooke screaming. I get up and see that she was naked, again, and she had a poopy diaper. But the diaper was not on her. It was on one side of the crib and she was on the other. Her skort was on the floor.

So I had to do another load of wash and clean her up. I was out of wipes on the upper level so I just used a wash cloth, but most have missed some because at the next diaper change she was really red and sore. (I'm sure most of you find this particular blog just dripping with excitement, but I'm going some where with this)

So, I put desitin on her right before bed. She wakes up at 9 p.m. and just was screaming. I try to rub her back, but that's not helping. So I took her and changed her diaper, added a layer of desitin and rocked her for awhile. I probably rocked her for 20 minutes with her screaming in my ear. Not exactly easy to hear the TV over her.
So I finally just put her to bed and she stopped crying.

I got a lot done today because Mark and Luann came over this morning to watch the kids. I cut the lawn, ran a few errands, and tonight I made some mini scrapbook photo albums and now I plan on cleaning up Jacob's room of little beads and things that the babies can put in their mouth.

Jacob and Scott have been busy catching fish. They are on vacation with my mom and dad and Julie. They caught some pan fish earlier in the day and then caught a bunch of crappies tonight. Jacob just lives to fish. Its so nice to see him get into a hobby.

Happy Independence Day! I'm not overly patriotic when it comes to BBQ's and fireworks, but I appreciate the men and women who leave their family and homes to serve over seas.


BoufMom9 said...

Poor little one! Mine get such HORRIBLE diaper rash if they have a dirty diaper for even a few minutes. OUCH!

Collegegirl said...

Hope today goes better! Sounds like you were having a TOUGH day!

Mum to girls said...

hi :)

I found you when browsing blogs, i added you to my favs i hope you dont mind.

Poor Brooke i hope her diaper rash goes soon x