Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Popcorn stealer

I already posted once today, but I HAVE TO blog about my Johnny. Oh, special Johnny.

We get to Bay Beach (local amusement park) and the first ride was decided. The kids were going to ride the "race cars" which are cars that go are on metal bars that go around in a circle. The kids each picked their race car. John was touching one, but as soon as Shell Dinter put him in it. I mean, tried to put him in it, he became stiff and uncooperative. So, he wasn't ready to go on a ride.
As went the rest of the night. John would run into the ride area when the gates were opened, but never wanted to get in. So each time I'd ask for his ticket back.

Then Shell Dinter took Katie and Jacob on the Ferris Wheel and I had the three monkeys. I had three 2-year olds and only two harnesses. Soooo, I put the harnesses on Brooke and Matthew and carried John since he's the lightest.

We sat at a bench right near the ferris wheel eating snackwell cookies and mini-Oreo cookies. (Its the fifth food group that really isn't talked about much in health class) A lady was sitting next to us with a newborn in a stroller. She had some popcorn that she asked me if the kids could eat popcorn. So she offered some and John sat by her and ate 3/4 of the lady's popcorn. Brooke was more interested in cookies and Matthew just stared at the popcorn, but didn't seem interested. So fast forward to the end of the ferris wheel ride for Shell Dinter, Katie and Jacob. Shell spies us down below and sees John eating out of this ladies popcorn and starts laughing. I'm sure it was a funny site, this child eating a stranger's food.

I don't think John wanted to leave because he liked "sharing" this woman's popcorn.

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Kelly Laabs said...

We were at Bay Beach on Monday and Hannah did the same thing that John did with the rides. She seemed so excited and ran into the rides, but started screaming as soon as we tried to put her in the cars. If she actually rode the ride,then she screamed when we took her off. Despite a little screaming, we had a good time.