Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A lot of first the last few days

The boys all got their hair cut this Sunday. Matthew got his first haircut just short of 27 months. He had about four wisps of hair on the ground. Then there was John. John has a lot of hair and doesn't appreciate his hair cut. The purple blob that has him in a head lock is me and my snazzy PJ's. I play the role of a leisurely housewife a little too well some days. I wanted to give John a Mohawk, but Scott talked me out of it. So now it looks like he's a mini-marine recruit.

Matthew has some big shoes to fill. He and the other kids love to play with shoes and wear them around the house. I think that shoes is almost the size of him.

Scott, Jacob and his dad went fishing on Lake Michigan for the first time. Well, Scott and his dad used to go all the time when Scott was little, but this was Jacob's first time. He was woken up at 3:30 in the morning and never stopped talking the whole time. I wish we could bottle his energy. They caught three Salmon. This picture is kind of fuzzy, but I love Jacob's expression.

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