Tuesday, July 15, 2008


How about some fluff? Enough of that serious stuff. I've got a headache just thinking about it. Or it could be that the barometric pressure thingy.

There's a new show called Wipeout that ABC has put on the air. I think that ABC has hit an all-time low with a show that purposely makes fun of people and makes them look stupid. Com' on! So, ABC was on today and during General Hospital and Who Wants to be a Millionaire I saw commercials for this Wipeout show. So did John.

John laughed hysterically. That's not even a good way to describe what his laughter sounded like. It was a guffaw, it was a shriek, it was pure joy. So tonight, the show was on and John sat on the couch and laughed when the people fell off the obstacle course and did stupid things. It was so refreshing to see someone laugh so uninhibitedly. Even though I normally would not have that type of show on because I think it teaches children that you can make people laugh by doing stupid things. These stupid things often lead to them hurting themselves. Remember that MTV show Jackass? If not, its not worth anyones time.

Another strange thing I saw today is when I was at Sam's Club. In the parking lot there were two girls - teenagers getting out of their vehicle at the same time the kids and I were. I glanced at the girls and both girls had these little baby doll dresses on. You know, the ones strippers wear when they come out on stage. (See the Demi moore movie for affirmation) These dresses did not come down probably more than 2 inches of their bum. And one of the girls pulled up the dress and adjusted her underwear. It was white with little designs on the edges. That was how long she pulled up her dress. A 14 year old girl pulled up her dress to rearrange her underwear. She was even with her mother. At first I thought maybe she was disabled in some way. Because there is such a thing as self-awareness at age 14. That is cute when a girl or boy is first potty trained, but not at age 14.


BoufMom9 said...

OH!I am sure my husband would be laughing right along with that show as he LOVES MXC on Spike TV. UGH!

As far as the girl & her underwear...what the heck???? That is awful!

Collegegirl said...

As for the teenager-what a disgrace!!!