Thursday, July 17, 2008

Door to door hoodlums

Tonight at an FVMOM dinner, I dropped my van off at the local dealership to get fixed. I have a Dodge. In my life I have owned two Dodges. My first Dodge in 1999 had a whole new transmission after 6,000 started the trend of the unlucky Dodge Stratus which I got rid of two years later.

Then I needed to get a minivan and I think Dodge was the only one with stow and go AND in my price range. And in the 30 months that I have owned this thing I think every summer the air conditioning has been broken and its had two or three recalls. You try to buy American and see what it gets you...

So, last Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. central standard time, the doorbell rings. I'm sitting on the couch with the kids (babies) and we're about to go to bed. And the front door has a straight shot view into our living room. So I can't not answer the door. So I get up and the three monkeys follow me. They have their noses squished up to the front door while I step out into our entrance to get the door.
This young man has a tan polyester short sleeve shirt with a plain brown tie that's loosened at the neck. He's young enough to be a punk in ill-fitting clothes.

So he says to me, "I'm the building inspector and I'd like to" - and then he laughs. And he starts his plug for whatever he is selling. He's got this yellow pamphlet in his hand and he's waving it around while he's yapping about vacuum cleaner specials. He's a hand waver. This habit doesn't go well with a customer trying to read the "special".
Actually there would be no way I'd let a stranger into my house at 8:30 at night and my husband is not home. And WHY would someone sell Oreck vacuum cleaners at this time of night.

He was up to no-good. I just know it. He was either casing the joint or going to steal my kids. After he saw that there were three, I don't know if he changed his mind or not.


Anonymous said...

Oreck does NOT sell door to door.

Please be carefull!

Cindy & Brian said...

Ohh that's creepy!
Good instincts sister!
Be careful. A couple of years ago a 'kid' was going door to door in our neighborhood. I had a funny feeling when he came to our door. I just didn't feel right and I told him 'no thank you'. TWO DAYS LATER our car was broken into and my laptop bag, my planner, a bunch of other stuff stolen out of it. Luckily my laptop was in the house. Anyhow, looking back, I had suspicions that he was 'casing'. I wish I had called the cops that day.
Bla bla bla...more info than you wanted!
Have a great weekend!