Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Improvement

Busy day at the Callaways. We went to church today and lasted 55 minutes. Not to bad for 2 adults being outnumbered by four children. We sat in the last pew possible. The poor people ahead of us had to listen to the babies talking. Its hard to keep them quiet and I haven't really worked on the whole whispering thing. And then there were fights over the Thomas the Train sticker book.

Scott put up new shelving in the garage to help keep track of our toys, shoes and other miscellaneous stuff that normally ends up on the floor. Jacob was intrical in getting all the bubbles, bubble toys and shoes lined up neatly on the shelves.

Which reminds me. Someone recently commented on how anal I am. (I like to call it organized and thoughtful) And I replied that Scott is more so. It falls short of having his socks lined up neatly in a drawer, but he keeps his vehicles and playtoys spotless and all his tools and hunting stuff neat. Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Yesterday Jacob lined up all the cozy coupe cars and the ride on toys and washed them all. Then he had to get all the soap out of the sponges before he put them away.

I think we're just supplying jobs for medical professionals later in life.

He also helped me take pictures of the barrettes that I and my friend Kamie from FVMOM have been making. I can make the simple ones but Kamie has such talent for well, almost everything. We're thinking about selling them on Etsy. His favorites are the purple dragonflies. He's got good taste.

I also put up all the new crib tents today and put hypoallergenic coverings on their crib mattresses. And while I had everything else apart, I vacuumed their room. They should be sniffle free tomorrow.

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