Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hide and Seek

I took Jacob out to lunch today to meet a friend, Magan. That was the last lunch he will ever eat in a public place other than school.

I didn't know how prejudice he really was. He wouldn't eat his chicken tenders and french fries because they looked different. We were at a mexican restaurant. They had a different batter on their food and I think they did leave it a little too long in the fryer. No other puns intended here. I told him (with Magan as my witness) that it tastes the same on the inside even though it looks different on the outside.

This will be a lesson tucked away for later in life when he finally notices that people come in different shapes and sizes. Although, I think he knows people come in different shapes because today as I was in my bedroom and told him I wanted privacy he said, "O.K. buttabutt." and left. That was a jaw-dropping moment.

So, tonight Jacob and Scott were playing hide and seek. Jacob has been playing hide and seek, probably since about 2 1/2 to 3 years. The problem is that he hasn't really caught on to the concept of the game. Lets look at the words and their meaning. First word Hide - not found in plain sight. And - this word connects two other words. Its a conjunction? I think? Last word Seek - to look for, to discover.

So Scott counts to 20 while Jacob hides. First of all you can hear obvious signs of where he hiding. He slams doors, opens closets, etc... Then he yells for Scott , "Ready Dad!" Now that's a problem cause it gives away his position. So Scott walks around and says, "I wonder if Jacob's in the laundry room?" And Jacob yells out, "I'm in the bathroom!" Scott walks around more, "I think Jacob is in the computer room." And Jacob yells out again, "I'm in the bathroom dad!"
He's always going to be it because he'll be the first found.

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