Tuesday, July 29, 2008

White fence

You see this white fence? This is what our neighbors who surround us see. Its six feet tall and completely private. Of course it does not provide a noise barrier, which can be a problem.

A couple of days ago a neighbor pointed out that they heard Jacob yelling in the backyard. They heard me, not Jacob.

Anyone walking by my fence can't see anything but a nice vinyl white fence, but this is a sample of what they hear.

"I said, NOOOOO!"
"Stop splashing the babies."
"Don't get me wet."
"Stop that now!"
"Get your hand out of there!"
"If you do that again you are going inside!"
"No throwing!"
"Not in their faces!"
"I'll take it away."
"Good job!"
"Don't push that hard."
"Be careful!"
"Turn it off now!"
"When you waste water daddy has to work more!"
"Don't walk on the rocks."
"You have to take turns."

I'll bet my neighbors think all I do is yell. Its probably why my head feels this way at the end of the day.

And then for peace, I just look up at the sky and realize God gave me them all for a reason.

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