Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Outback saga

I got a phone call from Outback Steakhouse. The manager called about my complaint that I e-mailed to headquarters.

In the end, I'm getting a "tuck-a-way" gift card to buy some hamburgers. Not sure how much it will be for but at least they responded.

Also, today Luann came over and brought me a couple of lottery tickets for my birthday. I scratched them and swore, SWORE!, I won twenty-five dollars. So, I took it to the store my niece works at and she scanned it and she said it wasn't a winner. My jaw dropped and I probably drooled a little. Huh. The lottery ticket said to scratch the four corners and if there were three alike amounts you'd win the prize. So I scratch the MAIN part of the lottery ticket and three out of four corners were the same. Well, I didn't realize that it meant, the very corners were there were $$$ signs. And even the codes in the main area were a T F V or something like that which made me think it stood for twenty-five.

That's just another moment in the life of Jean.

Also, its my birthday today! Thank you for all the nice cards, messages and phone calls. Makes me feel special. How did I celebrate my birthday? I had carpal tunnel therapy, I had blueberry pancakes, a girl scout mint cookie blizzard (small), tomato basil bisque soup and tonight I'm having stromboli with the kids. It may not be the best for my WW diet. But I turned 29 only five times in my life so far!

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Kelli said...

Happy Birthday!

I hope Outback sends you a gift certificate for lots of hamburgers!!!!!!

Also - you inspired me to try cutting my boys' hair...I have made quite a scene at the salon for kids the last three times, but I am thinking the headlock technique would definitely work for my boys too! They HATE having their hair cut.....and soon we will have to do it for the fourth time, and they are 23 months...sheesh!