Sunday, July 6, 2008

Donut holes

Before I forget, I posted about 63 pictures to flickr, so check them out. They include our June vacation to Minocqua and some backyard fun. And A LOT of fish.

On Friday night I was watching my niece and nephew with the babies. We were outside and I got some food out. Sam loves donut holes. So Sam and I brought out Donut holes and chips for the kids to eat.

When we came inside we just put them on the counter. Later on, Brooke and Matthew were sitting on my lap reading and John came in the living room. He had a powdered donut hole stuck in his mouth, and his hands were holding about 6 to 8 donut holes. He had this silly look on his face like he knew he did something wrong. It was just so cute to see that he had all these donut holes in his hands and he still figured out that he could carry one in his mouth. So he gave them all to me and then took bites of each one. I guess that's the two year old version of if I lick it, its mine.


BoufMom9 said...

Clever boy!
Now, THAT is how you stake claim!

Angela said...

Imagine having that many donut holes and not thinking about the number of Weight Watcher Points you'd use! Oh to be a kid!