Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Park Incident

I forgot about an incident that happened at the park yesterday until I was not so gently reminded of it today.

I was parked next to the park and my friend Shell Dinter was parked behind me. We got the kids packed up and we both got into our respective cars. Jacob started jabbering and I'm checking my mirrors. I see Shell in my mirror and wave to her. I start to pull away and get maybe 20 feet and realize that I left my sliding door open. Sigh. O.K. so I'm NOT perfect and I'm a bit frazzled when I have all four kids in the car and Jacob is talking.

That was just an excuse. That was just a classic Jean move.

And when I stopped the car and looked back at Michelle she was laughing - at my expense. I closed the sliding door. I pulled away and she was still laughing.

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