Saturday, July 19, 2008

Game over

If today was a game, the score would be 10-0 with the kids winning. They really got to me today. It didn't help that today it was hot and humid or more humid than anything else and I always feel like crap and have no energy.

I was on the phone with my friend Cindy, Brooke's Godmother, and we were catching up on stuff. During that phone call, the kids broke into the pantry five times. And then they scattered kitty treats all over. So I'm trying to clean that up and my back is turned, they 'd get into something else. Now, I have a disclaimer. I WAS watching them. I was not on the computer talking with Cindy for more than 2 minutes out of the 1 1/2 hour conversation. I sat on the steps looking into the kitchen and they still got the child-proof locks open.
Then at nap time John learned to open his crib tent (which has a hole in it by the zipper for easy access) and he got out and was monkeying around in the room. I was trying to lay down in the room next to them and heard him. He had given all his NUKs to a sleeping Brooke. Which was somewhat nice, but I didn't want him to wake her up. So I put him back into the crib and I told him if he got out again I'd tie him down. Luckily he never took me up on that threat.

Then tonight, Scott and Jacob went to Lake Michigan fishing. So I took the kids to run some errands. Between stores, I stopped at a Brat fry (only in Wisconsin) and got a hamburger and a coke. Ate that and went to Target. As I was loading each child out of the cart and putting them in the van, John got a hold of my can of coke and spilled it. All over my seat and the middle console. Yeah. Right there I did get tears in my eyes.
So I went to my parents house to visit and cleaned it up while they played with the kids. And I sat on a biodegradable shopping bag that wasn't water proof. So of course my bottom was wet. It couldn't get much funnier. But at the time and even now I still didn't feel like laughing.

Then the kids were pains when we got home and when I got them out of the van scattered in three different directions. Bedtime was a pain. And my frustrations grew to a boiling point. When will they or any of my kids learn not to push my buttons. Or at least recognize when they shouldn't mess with me.

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BoufMom9 said...

UGH! Sounds like a "lovely" day! Sheesh! AWFUL!
I hope tomorrow is better for you!
BTW It never happens. LOL My oldest kids still torture me on a daily basis.