Monday, June 30, 2008

I love my cat

Why don't children pick up on clues that you want to be left alone or need silence? Jacob just kept talking and talking tonight. The babies were very mischievous today and kept me on my toes. I was ready for bedtime. I'm changing diapers and battling a a child that doesn't want want to be changed. Another one is pulling on my pants whining. And he's chatting away in the next room, "Mom, mom, blah, blah blah." Its not anything important. He just wants my attention. He's making up stories. I keep telling him to come into the room I'm in and talk to me. He doesn't listen.

The fighting and whining in my immediate vicinity is still going on. I can't even hear the TV. So you know its loud.
Then I start doing dishes and Jacob just pushes my buttons. I give him a look. I tell him to shush. I open a wine cooler at 6 p.m. I tell him, "Mom's having a bad day. Please stop talking all the time." He keeps at it.
How come my cat picks up on my moods and comforts me when I need it. She gives me licks when I need it. But leaves me alone when I'm in a bad mood. I know why God put animals on this earth. They are truly man's best friend.

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