Friday, March 7, 2008

Vanilla Ice

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. My special little boy. I once said that if I could have six of him I would. Unfortunately I only got one of him (Matthew). But variety is what makes the world interesting.

This is our nighttime prayer routine. Since he was probably 2, we've been saying the "Now I lay me" prayer. He knows it, but sometimes he just won't say it to delay me/us leaving. So Jacob and I have gotten into a habit of rapping the prayer. Yep, rapping.

Jacob: Now I lay me down to - (He squints and looks at me)
Me: Sleep
Jacob: I pray the lord my soul to - (Tilts his head and waits)
Me: Keep
Jacob: If I should pass before I - (stares at me)
Me: (rolling my eyes towards heaven) Wake!
Jacob: I pray the lord my soul to -
Me: (I just give in by this time) Take
Jacob: No mom! Its keep!
Me: Jacob I taught you this prayer, its take!
Jacob: MOM! its keep! I'm right and you're wrong!
Me: (I just want to get out of his bedroom. Pick your battles, pick your battles) O.K. I pray the Lord my sold to keep.
Jacob: This I ask in Jesus name. A -
Me: Men!

There are many variations of this prayer. I use the word pass instead if die. It just would raise many questions that I'm sick of answering about death. Its on a daily basis... "Mom, I don't want to die." "Jacob, you won't if you eat your vegetables." "Mom, why do people die?" "Because they don't listen to their mom."

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