Sunday, March 30, 2008

I live in my pajamas

I'm keeping this short since I just wrote a lengthy post about yesterdays travels.

I'm not feeling too bad. I'm hoping Tamiflu and the eight other medications I'm on are working. Scott was nice enough to let me rest this morning while he watched the monkeys. Jacob, Grandpa Callaway and he went to the hunting lands today. Jacob found some old antlers that a deer had shed. O.K. they are the same pair of antlers he finds everytime they go hunting. Scott plants them in the woods for him to find.
I think its the equivalent to giving a child little sips of alcohol when they are young so that they crave it as they get older.
John had a fever today. He laid on me when I was around. He probably has the Influenza A too. I guess I'll call the pediatrician AGAIN tomorrow. Jeez. I have taken my children's health for granted. This sick stuff is a lot of work.

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