Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oh my aching head

Went to church, watched the NASCAR race (well, slept on the couch and listened to it), went to my nephews birthday party, came home, posted stuff to Ebay and now I'm winding up my day.

Jacob's cute factor went up a little bit today. I was laying on the couch with a baby blanket and an ice pack for my headache and Jacob came and got me another blanket to cover me up. And then he repositioned my ice pack to the front of my neck to make me feel better. He's going to make someone a good wife some day.

This month I will be releasing random facts about me.

1# I like to watch television. And some of the shows I like to watch are entertaining and silly. I like Hannah Montana, America's Next Top Model, Sex in the City, Rock of Love with Brett Michels, Jon & Kate plus 8, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Survivor, So you think you can Dance, Ugly Betty, CSI Las Vegas and New York, Moonlight, American Idol, General Hospital, The Bachelor, Dr. Phil, Profiler, Surreal Life, Good Day Wisconsin, Millionaire, etc... These are the shows that I have or do watch in the last couple of years.
How do I do it? Time Warner Cable has this little box that is also a DVR.

Scott thinks I watch too much TV. I agree with him at times. However, read fact #2 and maybe you'll understand. I watch these entertaining and fluffy, feel good shows because I was stuck watching CNBC for 8-10 hours a day for 8-9 years when I worked. I'm trying to balance news and purely entertaining shows now and I have to make up for all those years.

#2 I like noise around me. I can't stand silence. I always have to have the TV or radio on. I sleep with a noise machine. I do have my limits however, sometimes kids screaming in my ears or Jacob talking non-stop does get to me. Then I shush or say quiet, but no one listens...

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Kelly said...

I'm a TV junkie too! It seems we like alot of the same shows, too. Two upcoming shows I'm planning to DVR: High School Confidential on the We network (premiers tonight), and I Can Make You Thin on TLC (premiers March 16).