Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today, in the news

Special, unique or just every day things that happened in the Callaway household or in the general world.

  • Jacob and I called my sister to wish her a Happy Birthday. O.K. he sang and I prodded him to tell her she was really, really old.
  • Brett Favre retired. OMG the world has ended. There has been soooo much coverage on this, its like he died. Good for you Brett! Go out on top! He did what Kenny Rodgers sang about, "Know when to hold em', know when to fold em', know when to walk away, know when to run."
  • David Hernandez of American Idol has been uncovered as a former stripper at a mostly men clientele club. He was still able to participate on American Idol. Shocking! Gasp! (Close my eyes, shut my ears) Alright, the guy has a pretty good voice. He's one of my favorites besides for Michael Johns and some other guy I can't think of his name. My PROBLEM with him being a stripper is not that he did it for a mostly male clientele, its just that seeing men strip and gyrate and wearing... I HAVE to say it, banana hammocks. It is disgusting. In a previous life, I went with a bunch of girls on a deer hunters widows weekend to see some male strippers at a bar. I wasn't the designated driver (Thank God) and I was completely freaked out at the fact that these guys get really up close and personal and try to gyrate with you. Ick. Ack. Yuck. Ewww. I seriously ran away from one of them when they tried to dance with me. I only dance with fully clothed, not oiled men. I have nothing against female strippers, their acts are much more classy than men's.
  • Scott laid out his sweater today before he got in the shower. After the shower he got out and noticed that grey socks matching his sweater were laid out for him along with grey underwear. His bed was also made for him. Jacob had picked them out for him and made his bed.
  • The living room carpets were professionally cleaned today due to the vomit and diarrhea that was carelessly strewn on it last week. Due to the furniture being moved, the babies got to play in the family room in the lower level. This as primarily been Jacob's playroom. Jacob decided to stay home from school today so he could supervise the babies. He didn't want them touching his stuff. He went to school against his better judgement.
  • Matthew got his stitch taken out today. I went to the ER today. I wrote down Matthew's name and info. The lady immediately handed it to the nurse who usually takes down the insurance info and takes stats. She said she could take the stitches out herself. So we were there for 1.5 minutes and she went to get the kit to take out the stitches. She opened a door and there stood 4 - four! - cuatro- ER doctors doing nothing. Nada, zilch, zip! One and then another came over to look at Matthews thumb and said it was healing fine, even though he had pulled out one of the two stitches last Thursday. Then the nurse took the stitch out, put some strips on to hold the skin together and then a band aid or three so he wouldn't pull the strips off. I was heading out the door in under five minutes. From the ER. Huh.

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