Thursday, March 13, 2008

No puking about it

Yeah, you'd think that the stomach flu would have come and went in the Callaway household, but its just not true!
February 21th, Matthew gets sick, February 22nd I get sick, February 23rd Brooke gets sick. Then approximately two weeks later on March 8th John throws up once and then for the next three/four days has somewhat diarrheaish diapers.
March 13th, Jacob complains at lunch that he's not hungry and his stomach hurts. I hear this almost everyday since he's been battling me about eating. I ignore him and make him eat McDonalds chicken nuggets. Bad MOMMA!
Fast forward four hours and Jacob has an accident while he and Scott are playing in the new boat. Fifteen minutes later, another accident. Jacob doesn't want me to know so Scott tells me that Jacob didn't want me to know. Now I'm not sure if he thinks I would yell at him or if he's just a little bit embarrased or what.
Now we are eating dinner and the babies are whining and crying and standing by me like dogs waiting for their scraps. Jacob says hes not feeling well and I tell him to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, I haven't even taken a bite of my food yet with the circus around me. As I am about to take a bite of my french fries, I hear a "SPLAT" on the floor. I yell "SCOTT!" Even though he is sitting next to me. I hold the other two back so they don't step in the vomit and tell Scott to take them in the other room. (The three are crying and whining in the living room ) I strip Jacob down, get him a bowl and tell him to go upstairs and go into the bathroom if he is not feeling well.
Jacob had a lot of chocolate milk and hotdogs for dinner so thats what I ended cleaning up. Again, I prefer the smell of sour milk vomit.
He hasn't had any problems since then, but come on! Have mercy on me! I thought we were in the clear when John and Jacob didn't get sick after a few days.

#4 I am afraid of snakes. It would go in this order... snakes, bats, mice, moths and spiders. I get weak in the knees when I think of these animals. I try to be brave in front of the kids so I don't pass along my fears, but these things are normal scary things.

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