Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She is her mother's daughter

The mundane is sometimes the most interesting.

Tonight I realized that Brooke is not like her father.

I was eating dinner alone for about 2 seconds when the babies circled me, low to the ground, tails wagging, wanting some of my food. (Hey Jackie, their tails really weren't wagging. It was more of the submissive stance so they were between their legs.)

I had gotten a salad from Festival tonight. It had romaine lettuce, blue cheese, peas, imitation crab meat, carrots, and creamy caesar dressing. This is a strange combination, but its what I like.

Soooo, I put the dressing on my salad and shook the container good. Which makes the babies salivate (think ringing of the bell and Pavlov's dogs). John tries to climb up me and Brooke takes a seat next to me. I give John a piece of lettuce, but hes not interested. I give Brooke a piece of lettuce and she eats it. Next thing I know, she's sitting on my lap poking through my salad. She picks out peas, pieces of lettuce with dressing on it, crab and eats it.

Now, for those of you who know the Callaway clan, I know what you are thinking. But I'll confirm the results here for you tonight. Scott is the father, she just gets her variety in eating from me.

While her father eats the same thing over and over, yet complains that there is never anything to eat, she happily eats the same thing every day with gusto. Scott's idea of going out on a limb is getting his ham, turkey, shredded cheddar and lettuce sub toasted instead of just eating it cold.
Brookes only food that she really doesn't care for is mashed potatoes. Not sure why she doesn't like them - probably texture issues. On the other hand, Scott's list of what he won't eat or where he won't eat - well, can be rather long.
In Scott's favor, he usually does eat whatever I make for him and he doesn't complain (at least not in front of me). He's learned to eat vegetables, some spicy food and has been known to eat an occasional salad (with just cheese and meat of course).

Random fact #5?
I could eat the same food over and over. In high school, through technical school and through the first few years of work I had a turkey sandwich every day. Every day for about six years. And I like to eat my sandwiches on buns rather than bread. And I don't eat dressing or butter on my sandwiches. Which seems to be an oddity in Wisconsin.

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