Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cookies anyone?

I had my cookie party. It was a lot of fun. Its much harder than I thought to make professional looking (bakery) cookies. If I practice a lot maybe Manderfields will hire me.

St. Patricks day has come and went. The Callaways - you would think- would be irish, right? Scott is an auburn (red) head with pretty blue eyes. He can dance a good jig and he's good with guns. You'd think he'd be a throwback from some Irish NRA member or something.

Nope. The Callaways are English Callaways. Yup, crumpet, tea-tottling, paddy wagon, pasty white English. So we don't really celebrate St. Patricks day because it isn't really special to us.

And I don't like beer. And I don't like corn beef or sauerkraut. By the way all restaurants and media outlets, Rachel Ray says that Irish people eat a lot of Salmon and beef, so please come up with another special on St. Patties Day.

Random fact # 5
I kinda am a germaphobic or a dirtaphobic. Its hard for me to let Jacob go play outside and get dirty. I don't like leftover food on my kids face or on their clothing. With Jacob, I changed his outfit if we even got water on it. With the triplets I've had to let my standards slide a little or I'd be doing laundry more than I am now. If its something that stains, it comes off.
When they play outside, they get a bath afterwards. I don't like it when people don't wash their hands or use Purell. I look at public places and wonder when the last time things were cleaned or sanitized. We wash our hands a lot here or use Purell. I think that's why we haven't been sick much.

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