Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not again....

So last night as I went to bed, I snuggled down into my blankets, positioned my pillow just right and started to drift off to sleep when I heard little footsteps to the bathroom.

Jacob usually doesn't get up at night to go to the bathroom and I thought I'd better check on him. Sparing you the details, he needed a change of clothes just because - sometimes your body parts don't cooperate at night.

So I get him off to bed and I get back into my bed thinking about how comfortable I was the last time I was laying there. Sometime later, I was relaxed but not yet asleep, Jacob came into the bedroom and asked for a drink of water. Karma is funny that way. I used to yell my mom's name out at night asking for water. All the time. Poor mom.

We usually keep a glass of water by his bed, but we forgot to last night. So I get him some water and get back into my bed.

I snuggled into my blankets and fluffed my pillow and realized it just wasn't as comfortable as the first time. I started to relax and nod off as a baby started crying. I laid there wondering if it was a one-hit wonder or was I going to hear it again. They started crying again. Big sigh...

So I get out of bed the third time in probably an hour and head into the babies room. I turn on the lap to see who is up. Everyone is laying there, peacefully sleeping. I throw a couple more NUKs at the two NUK babies, throw another rag on the raggie baby and turn out the light.

Boy! Do I hate that when I get out of bed to check on them only to find them peacefully sleeping. I just wasted a trip.

Oh and for all of you coming to my "cookie party" this tuesday... Jacob cleaned the wood flooring for you today. He's very excited about the "cookie party" and that Ethan is coming over. (Ethan is 6 months).

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Angela said...

Oh nights like that are so hard ... I'm the type that takes nearly an hour to bring myself back to that "sleepy place"! We finally worked it that David would respond in the night because it takes him nothing to fall back asleep.