Sunday, March 30, 2008

My name is Jean and I have an infectious disease

I know, I know. You're thinking, did she expire? Did she get put on a 72 hour hold? Did her Internet go down?

Well, all those questions and more will be answered in this blog. Which counts as yesterdays blog because I blogged this in my head waiting in line at Taco bell at 11:45 p.m. last night.

What do normal people do on Saturday nights? Maybe go out to dinner? See a movie? Have friends over?
I go to the emergency room. I was there four Saturdays ago with Matthew. So in Friday's post I mentioned I was having problems breathing. It only got worse and Saturday night I couldn't eat without choking. So, I felt that was a good enough reason to go to the emergency room.
So when I got there I filled out the three or four pieces of information that they required. And they give you like, 2 inches to write your symptoms. So I wrote, Asthma, can't breathe.
Now, I know that this will put me on the fast track past those other lumps in the waiting room. But with the little space, those were my symptoms.
I was in the nurses chair to get other info and take my vitals within five minutes. The male nurse took my vitals and asked me to explain myself. I told him about my allergies, the gunk in my throat and all the medicine I was taking but wasn't helping me. I told him that when I tried swallowing food, I would choke, it was like my throat was swollen. I had problems talking and breathing.
The nurse was upset with me because I said I couldn't breathe instead of saying I had a sore throat. But I DIDN'T have a sore throat, I had a swollen throat. Two different things. So he kept going back to, "Well, you said you couldn't breathe, but your breathing seems fine." If I had more than a 2 inch by 2 inch space to write out my symptoms, I could have explained.
Anyway, I get into room #10, which luckily has a bathroom joined to it. I see the nurse, I see the doctor, I see another nurse, who happens to be there to poke my eye out through my nose. She's swabbing me for Influenza A because Scott got it a couple of days ago. The X-ray tech takes some pretty pictures of my throat. The nurse comes back, the doctor comes back. He tells me that the X-rays look fine and no tissue looks swollen, but I have Influenza A.
HUH???? He could have knocked me over with a feather if I already wasn't laying down on the table. Crap. I teased Scott for not getting a flu shot, even though this strain wasn't in the shot this year. How could I go home and tell him that I have Influenza A.

I thought about running away, I thought about not telling him, I thought of lying. I asked the doctor to admit me for observation. He said, "Are you serious?" and of course I said, "I have triplets, I need a good nights sleep." And he said, "You look better than most patients I see that have Influenza A." I told him, "That's because I got the flu shot." And he laughed.

I went to good ole Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions. My prescription card was not working, but the nice pharmacist got it to work by looking up Scott info. If I wouldn't have had my prescription card, my four prescriptions would have cost $394.00, but with my good old insurance through the Town it only cost me $60.00.
So, a couple of my prescriptions required food. So on my way home I saw Arbys. I went through the drive through. I SAW a woman in the service area. The drive through screen thing says "Welcome to Arby's" There are no hours of operation listed. I waited and waited and she must have just chose to ignore me because she was closing. I called her a bunch of names in my head. A regular roast beef sounded really good then.
So my next door restaurant was Taco Bell. Of course there was a long line at Taco Bell. So I had time to reflect on my day. And I blogged this in my head.

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