Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pros and cons of triplet babies

My babies daddy got influenza. He came home from work sick today and has a fever and some chest/cough issues. As the good wife that I am, I ran to the store (I drove really) and got Ibuprofen, 7-up, Nutterbutters (those were for me), McIntosh apples and grapes. Then I hand delivered the medicine with a bottle of water and checked on him every so often. Jacob kept him company tonight too. He drew him pictures and brought him grapes.
I'm not really worried that Scott will pass this on to anyone here because we ALL got the flu shot this year. Sure, I know that its not covering all strains of the flu, but I can't resist bringing that up because I told Scott to get a flu shot.

On a much happier note, I got my baby fix today. A FVMOM mom came over today with her 4 month old identical twin girls. I got to hold one of them for about 1 1/2 hours. I got to feed and burp her and then she fell asleep on my chest. Oh heaven! Brooke loved the babies. Both she and John tried to share their toys with them. Brooke would try to put the NUKs into their mouths and cover them with blankets. Matthew really could have cared less about momma holding a baby. He's probably used to me holding John.

I really have mixed feelings with the babies turning two. I love babies. I love holding them, cuddling, feeding them. I love to stare into their eyes and not having some toddler trying to poke them out or screaming in my ear because they are having a tantrum.

Pros of 2 year old triplets
  • I don't carry them everywhere now. I just call out bathtime or bedtime (nigh-nigh time) and they all come running and go where they are supposed to go. It reminds me of bringing the cows in to milk. They all plod along and then go into their stalls.
  • They feed themselves pretty well
  • They can occupy themselves quite well for periods of time so I can get something done
  • They are starting to communicate better
  • I don't have to change as many diapers as I used to
  • Brooke is starting to show the signs of being ready for potty training
  • No more nightly feedings, just getting up to find NUKs or raggies
  • More love than I could have ever imagined

Cons of 2 year old triplets
  • John has started throws tantrums - most of the day
  • Brooke throws them, just not as much as John
  • They feed off of each other, sometimes literally
  • Part of communicating better is also a lot of whining
  • They have learned that teamwork accomplishes mayhem
  • They scatter and divide
  • Trying to keep them out of danger and keeping them safe
  • Its hard to do anything when there are three pairs of hands trying to get at whatever I am doing, like unloading the dishwasher or cooking

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