Monday, March 17, 2008

Jacob's funny

While shopping today our in-depth conversation went like this.

Jacob: Mom, do you have a boyfriend?

Me: (Laughing) Yeah, its your daddy.

Jacob: Oh.

Me: (Thinking really hard at the correct thing to say) Usually mommy's don't have boyfriends, they have husbands. (I realize that some mommy's don't have husbands, not even boyfriends, and some have girlfriends, but this isn't the time to explain THAT to him and also I'd like to teach him the biblical way of things. One man, one woman, til' death do us part.)

Jacob: Mom, where's my Walmart sticker.

Now I'm thinking to myself, why did I think so hard at what to say, he didn't really care. This wasn't one of those life-altering questions where if I screwed up he would have had a ton of physciatrist bills later on in life.

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