Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a soggy Lion

Well, it rained like cats and dogs here today. Not sure what that means. It rained on and off all day. April showers came early here in Wisconsin.

Well, John had a fever most of the day. That translates in him clinging to me and being ultra-uber whiny. I don't blame him, but his male genetic make-up of when you're sick its the end of the world gets a little old.

A couple of really exciting things in my life. Deal or no Deal is going to be auditioning for contestants on Wednesday so I'm going to go stand in line with the other hopefuls. But I have a trump card that most don't have - I have triplets and they and their older brother need to be sent to Parochial school until 12th grade. With inflation in mind, I've calculated that this cost will be just under $100,000 (like $99,000). This is not even including college. And the problem is that we're right on the cusp of financial aide. So if I get a job, the financial aide will go away.

So, wish me luck.

Another really exciting this this week is my babies birthday! They will be two on Thursday. Trying to take pictures of them by themselves is tough, but all together is impossible. These two year pictures will be very candid. Very.

And then Friday and Saturday is the FVMOM rummage sale and bake sale. I can't wait to get rid of the 10+ bins of clothing/toys, etc... and get some cash in my pocket.

And then the birthday party is Sunday. I've been singing happy birthday to them and Brooke just sits and is so coy and smiles. She knows I'm singing to her and its soooo cute. One of these days I'm just going to break down and cry because they are getting older.

Random Fact #8
I do not like April Fools day. I really, really dislike this day. I don't think its funny to pull a prank on someone just because of the day. I love a good sense of humor and funny stuff, but the day itself can just be over.

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