Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Lives! Jesus and easter eggs

Did you ever just say or think to yourself, "oh, (fill in your choice of swear word?" Well, I did tonight. Jacob and Scott were putting a puzzle that the Easter Bunny left for Jacob. Unthinkingly - meaning not thinking, without thought, just blurting something out - I said, "I got that puzzle at the Dollar Store." Jacob perked up, "Mom, the Easter bunny brought this? How did you get it at the store?" Scott gives me that - you have got to be really stupid - look. I try to backtrack, "well, uh, well, I picked it out at the store and left it for the Easter Bunny to hide for you." Jacob asks more questions, questions that make me realize he may be on to me if I don't watch what I say. Scott thinks he'll figure the whole thing out by the time he's six. I hope not. If only mom could keep her big mouth shut.

The kids playing with the Easter eggs. John did help me pick them all up. Brooke just threw them and Matthew just wanted to look at them.

I do occasionally attend to the babies hygiene. They have fun trying to brush their teeth themselves. Actually what prompted this was Matthew ate a green crayon and his teeth were covered in green. Matthew - St. Patty's day was LAST WEEK!

We ate supper (as we like to call it in the midwest) at my sister Julie's house. See, I don't always tie them down to eat.

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