Friday, March 14, 2008

Bosco! A type of chocolate syrup

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where George won't give his PIN number to his fiancee Susan? He ends up eating dinner with Peterman and on the way home Peterman gets a phonecall that his mother is on her death bed. He tells Peterman's mother what his password is and its her last word as she dies. Fast forward a few days later and a building is on fire. A man is stuck in an ATM area and Peterman and George are walking past. Peterman asks for George's ATM card and he gives it to him so the man who is trapped in this ATM entrance can get out. The man asks for George's password...

Well, this is how that episode plays out in real life.

Jacob and I are at the McDonalds drive through. I give out my order, "Four piece chicken McNugget happy meal, fries and chocolate milk. Boy toy." The lady gives me the total and Jacob interrupts with, "Poker." I ignore him and he says as we are driving to pay the lady, "Mom, you forgot to say Poker."
It took me a moment, but then it dawned on me and I cracked up laughing! At our Credit Union we have our account password protected. And every time I do a transaction, I have to give out our password, "Poker". So Jacob thinks I have to say "Poker" at every drive through apparently. And since he's usually in the car when I run errands, he hears everything that is said.

*** The name of our password has been changed in this story to protect our $53.45 in our checking account.

On another note. We've been watching a lot of cartoons lately. Do you ever wonder who writes and creates these things?

How many parents would let their daughter, along with her pet monkey, play and tramps along in the woods alone? I foresee an "Amber Alert" in the near future if this were real-life. I wonder how to say, "Amber alert" in Spanish...

Man posing as a superhero, who lives up in a zeppelin - alone, and wears a very form fitting costume, befriends several prepubescent children. Last episode he took one of the girls, Stephanie, overnight camping alone. - Pedophile alert

Or, In the land of Sodor, why do the trains have drivers if they do what they want to anyway?

Off to watch the last three episodes of GH.

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Kelly said...

You crack me up. I hate those grumpy trains in Sodor. What kind of sad person thinks up those episodes. What a sad life. Did you know George Carlin narrates that show?