Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Ten list

I have a Stat counter on my blog. Its got all sorts of neat bells and whistles on it. I can see what area of the world people are from that are looking at my blog. It tells me what page they entered on or even how long they were on my blog.
Another interesting piece o' information is a keyword analysis. When you Google or Yahoo something, it comes up with 100,000 different website that may be related. These are the last top ten phrases that have been linked to my website.

  1. Mother daughter blogspot
  2. callaway
  3. Big Ten network
  5. callawaymonkeys
  6. zofran & stomach flu
  7. David hernandez in a banana hammock
  8. FVMOM
  9. rude comments about having four kids
  10. strippers raising children

While I remember blogging about some of these things, I don't ever member blogging about strippers raising children. Huh. Interesting how cyberspace works...


Michelle said...

I knew you used to work outside the home, but I had no idea in what field ... hahahah

Beth said...

Strippers raising kids, huh??? Interesting!