Friday, February 15, 2008

Triplets is not a four letter word

Alright, its 10:00 p.m. and Jacob is sitting next to me watching Miss Spider. I told him a couple of days ago he could stay up as late as he wanted tonight. There is no signs of wearing down, unlike me. I am yawning, comfy in my new flannel pink heart pajamas, and trying to fulfill my obligation to blog 365 days of the year.

I went to the dermatoligist today so she could look at my dry patch of skin on my face. Nothing wrong with me except for unbalanced texture to my face and sensitive skin. I was telling her when I first noticed the drypatch....

Jean: "I was on bedrest and hospitalized before giving birth and I notice a dry patch on my right cheek right after I delivered. I wonder if my skin went through some type of stress or trauma that this happened."

Dr Lee: "Thats probably coincidence that it happened right after delivery. Why would you say your pregnancy was stressful?"

Jean: "I had triplets."

Dr. Lee: "Triplets! (she totally lights up and smiles) I would LOVE to have triplets."

Jean: Not sure if I said anything because she just said something I never ever hear. (replay please)

Dr. Lee: "Triplets! I would LOVE to have triplets!"

We got to talking and she has two children already and would love to have more. Its nice to hear from someone that triplets would be a blessing and not this God-awful thing.

And, AND, then when she gave me this stuff to put on my face she said without laughing or smirking, "if you plan on becoming pregnant or breastfeed, you have to discontinue this cream."

I like it that she didn't just judge me like a lot of people do by saying, "you must be done" Good doctor, like her, give her two thumbs up.

I'm somewhat worried about Jacob. Almost every meal that he eats, when he's halfway done, he excuses himself to use the bathroom. He comes back down and finishes his meal. I'm afraid that he is making himself throw up so that he can finish his meal. I never thought I'd have to worry about a bulimic son.


Michelle said...

Wow, eating disorders start younger & younger. What a shame.

Miss Spider rocks!

Kelly said...

Hi there! I just found your blog. Thanks for linking to mine. Wow, LOVE that doctor. I hate the implication that having triplets is like having a death sentence. They are my childre, for Heaven's sake!!

Do you know how you would find out if Jacob is making himself sick? That would scare me too!

Off to link your blog on mine!