Monday, February 18, 2008

bedrest for the weary

I had this fantasy today when the kids were sleeping and Jacob was quietly playing.

It was hot, and I was sweating. The heat of the sun made me groggy. The sound of the waves hitting the beach was lulling me to sleep. I needed some hydration so I propped my head up on my arm and reached over to get my icy cold margarita. I drank and drank and drank until the glass was empty and then turned over so my tan would be even.

O.K. I have snow fever. We've had 76 inches of snow this year. I think I would lose the babies if I put them outside right now the snows so high. I'd rather have snow than cold weather, but this year we get a bunch of both. Tomorrow its supposed to be -1. That's negative one. That's below freezing. Way below freezing.

Oh, and it doesn't make me any happier knowing that people around me are enjoying Mexico and Jamaica and other Caribbean islands while I'm here on my 3rd cup of hot chocolate.

On to the monkeys. Jacob has been climbing in to bed with me early in the morning. It wouldn't be so bad if he wouldn't touch me. I don't mind cuddling and all that while I'm awake, but when I sleep, I don't want a little one pressed up against me wiggling all the time. And it seems those sharp sticks they call elbows are always getting me. And they take up 3/4 of the bed while I'm left plastered to the wall.

Matthew came up to me today with his raggie (diaper rag) and kept saying "raggie" in his own mumbojumbo. He is the sweetest child. I don't even know how he could be from Scott and I he's soooo sweet. He's a very happy loving child who is content to play on his own most of the time.

Brooke has been really cuddly lately. Its funny because she makes mewwing sounds like a kitty or puppy when she wants to be picked up or wants to be on my lap. We've been kissing and hugging all the stuffed animals lately. She also grabs at herself like she knows she's got to go to the bathroom. Twice today I checked her diaper after she did that and she went right after that. I don't know if she's ready for potty training, but I'm not. Its a lot of work! And she's only 22 1/2 months. Maybe the next time I give her a bath I'll get the potty seat out and put her on it.

John. Some countries would pay to do research on John. Again, Scott and I wonder what defunct genetic pool he came from. He can be the nuttiest of babies and then the sweetest most helpful child on other occasions. His latest thing is to say, "eh, eh, eh!" and then I have to guess what he wants. I say, "milk?" and he shakes his head no. Then I say, "eat?" and he says, "no!" Then I say, "read a book?" and he shakes his head. And then I say, "should I change your diaper?" And he says "yahhh." And he did have a dirty diaper. So now John and I play this guessing game several times a day. Real fun. Maybe he should learn to talk!

And I can't forget to blog about this very important day. Not just because its my nephews birthday and he's the big 0-5, its the day 2 years ago that I was put on bedrest.
I went to the doctor and had the ultrasound to measure my cervix and take a peek at the babies and my cervix had thinned to the point that I was put on bedrest at home.
The first couple of days were hard on me because your body gets so sore laying around all the time, not to mention that big bump in my middle. And then the emotional part of the bedrest which was not being able to take care of Jacob and knowing that I had to do everything possible to keep those babies in.
I had:
45 days of bedrest until the babies were born
1 trip in an ambulance
3 separate stays in 2 different hospitals
24 days in the hospital before the babies were born
24 days of Magnesium Sulfate
140+ monitorings of the babies heartbeats/activity
24 days of blood draws every 6 to 12 hours
24 days of a nurse monitoring my "output" so they could adjust my IV's if needed
24 days of someone else making my meals for me

Those days were the difference for my children who were born at 33 weeks. God has blessed us with healthy children. They have their quirks, but they are healthy. We're very lucky!

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