Sunday, February 24, 2008

A river runs through it

I am not kidding, I think I changed 25 messy diapers today. Along with most of those diapers was a whole clothing change, a clean up of where ever they were standing and sometimes my clothing too.

I think our washer has been going non-stop today. Just imagine, I'm testing diapers right now. Poor saps who have to look at those babies!

About the only funny thing that happened today was that Brooke and John were both crying and sitting on me and Matthew had had enough of the noise so he did a Jacob imitation (who does a Moses parting the water imitation). He put up his hands and in the same tone of voice Jacob uses, he said some garblygunk about the babies. Jacob usually says, "Babies! Thats enough!" Moses said something like, "Part the waters."

It was pretty funny because he even thought the noise was obnoxious.

Brooke was the most sick today with throwing up and numerous, numerous runny diapers. Matthew didn't throw up, but had several runny diapers. John, its hard to tell if he's getting sick or just being his normal self. He whines and cries if hes not the one on my lap. He did get some lap time tonight after the other two have gone to bed.

Jacob is home today now since Grandma Callaway got sick. He's been very helpful.

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