Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The pudding experiment

This is my latest attempt at childproofing. The babies will push the chairs over to the cupboards and play in the sink, take stuff off the counter and work the microwave.

I caught all three of them in the act today and I yelled, "What are you doing?" (I was coming down the stairs, so I had to raise my voice so they'd hear me) They look at me and two of them got off the chair and they all grabbed something from the floor and took off to the dining room. It was like scaring a pack of cats or hyenas.

I have posted more pictures on flickr of the yogurt and pudding experiment today. All babies used in the experiment were bathed immediately after.

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Kelly said...

Okay, your blog is my new official favorite! I tried to make you my Flickr friend, but it was acting all wonky. Our babies were also born at 33 weeks, about 4 months after yours!