Saturday, February 23, 2008

Really? Naw....

A quick synopsis of our day...

Some firsts in the Callaway household....

First time Scott has been puked on while holding a child (not just that baby spit-up). Brooke got him while she was laying on his chest.

First time we have had to clean vomit out of a vent. Scott went to the store to get a whole new vent and had to clean out the duct. (Thank you Matthew)

First time any of my babies have had stitches... (see picture below)
Matthew and John got into a cupboard that had glass in it. the baby lock broke and Scott was going to fix it later tonight. I was in the middle of changing a really bad diaper in the bathroom with Brooke and wasn't around to tell them no. (Like it would have mattered) John got a few cuts on his fingers and Matthew had one minor one on his foot and left hand while the thumb on the right hand had a good slice down the side.

I asked to be admitted for observation due to having the flu and the doctor said no. I then asked for a pain killer and a sedative and he said Matthew wouldn't need one. I told him it was for me.

Also, the first time that I ever got a picture of any of the babies and Cosmo Kitty together. She and John sat by each other for about a 1/2 hour. John was so excited he kept kicking his legs and she was getting agitated so I moved her by me.


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Angela said...

Oh you poor thing! Sounds like a really awful day! Since I was with both you and Shannon, I'm just waiting for the 'bomb' to drop here. Hang in there - this too will pass.