Monday, February 4, 2008

No fair! Won't share!

Jacob, Grandpa Callaway and Scott went tubing at Plamann Park on Sunday again. Jacob just loves to go tubing! He never gets tired of tredging up the big hill.

Defense, keep-a-way, silliness, droopy onesies giving them a problem?

I just can't put my finger on it, but there's a breeze coming from somewhere that's making me chilly. (Click on picture if you'd like to enlarge it)

For those of you wondering about the last couple of days pictures. I do dress my children in more than onesies, so please hang up the phone to social services. When I feed them messy food or its time for pajamas is when they get stripped down to their skivvies.

Its been a hard day for a certain four and a half year old to share. He wants to play with the play kitchen and have a "festival" or make cakes and then the babies touch his stuff.

I feel for him. I'm trying to teach him that while he really is having fun playing with the toys, that the main level is EVERYONES toys and we have to share. I try to tell him to give them a toy or two and they'll be happy or teach them to play with him. But today if looks could kill, I'd be dead about ten times over. So he spent some time on the stairs and in his bedroom.

He tends to push them away when he doesn't want them to touch whatever he has. I'm trying to teach him to use his words and tell them no or call me.

Its so hard to share!

That reminds me of a song! Sing it with me! LONG LIVE ROCK!

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