Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our normal wacky family

John got his hairs cut today. He cried and cried. Not sure if he's afraid of the razor or if he likes his super-wild hair. That kid is pure joy. Its really a pleasure(?) being able to see how he grows into adolescence and adulthood.
Today he loved me so much he climbed on my back and pulled my hair really hard. And I couldn't get him to let go. In all honesty, I think a screw is loose, or some neurological term that he's just a wee bit different. He stuffs all his food in his mouth and looks like a chipmunk. But then sometimes he just spits his food out after he chews it. (Which really, really aggravates me)
Another odd behavior is his aggressiveness or his lack of boundaries when it comes to playing with others.
He walks on his tip toes a lot and he's just a screwball.
I've heard preemies can have neurological issues and I wonder sometimes if there is something different about him or if he's just got my sense of humor. However, I'm more of a planner and don't like to get dirty, so I wouldn't ever spit out my food or even pile it on top of my hair like he does.

Matthew pulled out one of his stitches today. I've been keeping ointment and band aids on it, but he will pick it off occasionally. The doc said to just put a butterfly band aid on it and keep it covered. Sure doc, easy to do with an almost 2 year old.

In other important news, everyone is on the mend here. The appetites are back, the normal playful selves are back and its such a relief to see.

Jacob has an issue today at school. Today at school some of the "bigger kids", probably 7th & 8th graders came to read to the preschoolers. Jacob freaked out, he started sobbing and didn't want to go by them. Mrs. Micheel consoled him and let him know she wasn't leaving and would stay in the classroom. He did sit and listen to the "big kid" read to him.
Makes me wonder why he freaked out. Did the change of the situation scare him? Did a big kid walking into his classroom intimidate him? Did he think Mrs. Micheel would leave him?
Just when I think I've got him figured out, he throws a wrench into my psychological evaluation of him.

Due to leap year and my 365 Day blog pledge, there will be no posts tomorrow*.
* Unless for hospitalization, 72 hour evaluation, or act of God.

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