Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jacob the fixer

I'll be posting some pictures on flickr later so check em out!

Alrighty. O.K. Amen. The end. I got out the magic 8-ball out tonight. I asked the 8-ball. "When will my babies start feeling better?" Reply Hazy, Try again.
O.K. "When will my babies stop pooping every 1/2 hour?" Outlook not so good.
Great. I was hoping it would be over by now. I shake the 8-ball again and ask, "Should I take Brooke to the doctor for her bad bad diaper rash?" Signs point to yes.
Alright, I'll make an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow. Next question, "Will I ever stop smelling puk and poop?" Better not tell you now.
And I dropped the magic 8-ball. Oops.

On to better things. Jacob and I had a deep conversation on the way home.
Jacob: Mom, I have a hole in my hat. We need to call Grandma Plamann and tell her.
Me: Jacob, I can fix it.
Jacob: No! I want Grandma Plamann to fix it.
Me: (Rolling my eyes as I'm driving) O.K. we'll call her when we get home.
Jacob: Yep, she's a fixer. Grandpa Plamann is a fixer too! He helped us build our house!
Me: Yep. ( I just agree with him because he talks a lot. I mean a lot)
Jacob: Yep. Grandpa Plamann is a fixer. He and daddy put in our floor.
Me: Yep.
Jacob: Uncle Kelly is a fixer too! He changes lightbulbs.
Me: Yep, Uncle Kelly is a lightbulb changer. (I'm laughing inside... Kelly is an electrician)
And Jacob keeps going on and on about who helped us build our house even though we just remodeled it.

And another cute Jacob moment.
The three of us are eating dinner tonight. Jacob is mumbling something to himself and I catch the end of it which is, "and make mom feel better." I asked him to repeat what he just said. And Jacob said, "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Jesus." And I thought it was the sweetest thing that Jacob was asking Jesus to make me feel better. I said, "Did Mrs. Micheel tell you to pray for me?" And replied, "Nobody did, I'm asking Jesus to make you and the two babies feel better." It was probably Grandma Callaway saying his prayers with him then.

Weeelll, how sweet is that?

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Kelly said...

okay, yeah, officially stalking your blog now. i too am praying that you all feel better, but grandma callawy did put me up to it.