Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog 101

This blog number one oh one, one hundred and one. I have had that much to say in three months. No surprise.

I'd like to address a few issues that have confused the readers. My husband received a phone call from one of my readers who had some concerns about what is true and what is false in my blog.

Let me address those issues now. There are many different writing styles (i.e. autobiographical, research, personal forms, etc..) which I choose to write in the first person. I would further categorize it as autobiographical, narrative, and I'd like to think its creative.

During my blogs I will use the following:

IRONY/SATIRE - Its meaning is different from what is written. A cutting remark, bitterness, and I personally prefer it to direct insults. For instance in this blog, when I said, I bought the Tide to Go pen today to try on their clothing, but somehow I knew that this was not the time to try this on Matthew's clothing. I said this in sarcasm "Jackie".

CREATIVITY - There are only so many ways to describe puk and poop. Yesterday when I said, I got out the magic 8-ball out tonight. I asked the 8-ball. "When will my babies start feeling better?" Reply Hazy, Try again.O.K. ... Next question, "Will I ever stop smelling puk and poop?" Better not tell you now.And I dropped the magic 8-ball. Oops. OR when I use a play on words in my title like WWE not Wii. (Wii is current, its hip and we don't have it, but we have John who is into wrestling, hence the World Wrestling Entertainment reference) OR I went to the doctor today to have him look at my neck. The nurse who took my vitals looked at me and said, "Theres something different about you? Is it the Chicken with Wild Rice Diet?" And my reply was, "No, its the stomach flu diet." This is a reference to that soup commercial that is playing with all the ladies where the black dresses. OR when I used Metallica songs for my blog titles. The Struggle Within and then I would tie it to what I had talked about that day.... creativity, odd, but still creative.

TRUTH/FACT - Honesty, reality - what really happened. This is 95% of what I write. Like the other day when I went to the dermatologist and she ACTUALLY said that she'd love to have triplets. I REALLY went to the doctor and she REALLY said that. OR the conversation with Jacob the other day. I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Jesus." And I thought it was the sweetest thing that Jacob was asking Jesus to make me feel better. I said, "Did Mrs. Micheel tell you to pray for me?" And replied, "Nobody did, I'm asking Jesus to make you and the two babies feel better." That really happened and since I didn't have the recorder on, it wasn't verbatim.

FISH TALE - A stretch of the truth. Some things did happen, but to make the story more interesting, persons or events may have happened but were changed to make the story more impressive. Heres a couple of examples "Jackie". Yesterday when I said I used a magic 8-ball, I really didn't. But I did think those questions and wondered what I should do. OR a couple of days ago I wrote, when I asked to be admitted for observation due to having the flu and the doctor said no. I then asked for a pain killer and a sedative and he said Matthew wouldn't need one. I told him it was for me. I did ask the doctor to admit Matthew and I so I could get a good nights sleep, but I didn't actually ask him for a sedative. I didn't want him to call social services on me.

Honestly, sometimes I can't even believe what happens here on a daily basis. What a weird and wacky world of raising children. But we try to do it hormone free without testing...

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