Sunday, February 17, 2008

No more David Haselhoff!

Yadayadayada... more snow, more snow and more snow. But below that snow is ice. They even closed the malls down today!
Scott and Jacob went out to snowblow and shovel and play after dinner tonight. I think I saw one car drive past today. Everyone is staying put.
O.K. this is ridiculous! A new show debuted tonight - Knight Rider. Wasn't that a show that I watched as a young pup? Didn't they learn about reviving old shows? Look at the Dukes of Hazaard Movie, The Million Dollar woman thing that was on this fall, etc...
Now that we're older, we can figure out that their plots and gizmos are hokey and won't watch. Pleeeaazzzee! Don't do that! It ruins our good memories of our childhood.

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