Friday, February 8, 2008

Sharing... what was I saying?

You know how you walk out of the room to do something, but then you can't remember what you wanted? Or you have something very important to tell your spouse/mom/friend, but then when you see them later on, you totally forget? Or when you put something in the oven and you totally forget you had it on until you smell smoke and the fire alarm goes off? Or when you put your child in a time-out and and a 1/2 hour later they ask if they can come out of their room?

I think these things happen to all of us. I had several things to blog about tonight, witty, light, reflective of the events of the day. But I forgot.

Lets see...
The babies got to play with the basketball hoop and the balls that came with it. I've seen a lot of fighting and heard a lot of screaming over who retains possession of said balls. Surprisingly Brooke loves to carry a ball around, juggling, throwing, bouncing it. I'm hoping she's my basketball player.
Luann and Mark were over today and Luann stayed over this afternoon while I went to Dinner Helpers and saw my friend Michelle and my friend Shell Dinters niece, Jennice (it rhymes) who works there. Luann must of been folding some laundry today.
Later on I caught Brooke picking up laundry from the floor and giving it a good shake before giving it to me. I tried to get it on the recorder, but when she saw me with the camera, she stopped doing it.

All three babies helped me unpack groceries today. John took out each spear of Asparagus and put them on the table. He and Brooke did try a spear, but their faces showed their dislike of the tall, skinny green vegetable.

Scott and I got our taxes done today. It totally pays to have a bunch of kids because in the end, the government owes you a lot of money. I swear the government pays us to have children. Just not three at a time.

Then, the babies ate hotdogs and apple slices for dinner. Then 10 minutes later Scott and I had Cheesey Penne Pasta from Dinner Helpers.

You know how you're eating dinner and you feel your dog nudge your elbow or put their paws up on your legs because they are begging for food. If you ignore them, sometimes they go away but if you feed them, you'll never get rid of them.

Well, this is another instance that children (my children) are not all that much different from dogs. I feel a nudge on my arm and look down. There is Brooke, who grunts, "eehhhh". Nice. I say, "Use your words Brooke. Do you want to eat?" Magically as if they multiply, another one appears and climbs on the chair next to Brooke to get a better look at my plate. Now the big teddy bear one just smiles and doesn't say anything and its hard to resist such innocent eyes. THEN, my littlest animal had to come over to see what he was missing. He starts whining and pushing at Brooke. So I had to share my meal with them. I couldn't believe that they ate the hamburger/sausage stuff with no problem. They pretty much eat anything I put in front of them.

So that makes me wonder why they are different from Jacob. He would only eat about 10 things at that age. And I did try to feed him different things too. Matthew is more like Jacob and doesn't like certain textures. But still, Matthew eats a wider variety of things than Jacob did.
I wonder if they see us eating that they are interested or see one of the babies try it so then they are interested or if they don't get enough food and really are hungry.
Since our end of dinner signal is them throwing their food, I'm not so sure its the latter.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to figure out whats in their little heads.

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