Saturday, February 9, 2008

multiples tips for dummies

So last night I made heart and star shaped cookies on a stick. I followed a recipe that was given to me by the Cookie n Crumbs lady. The first batch was gluten-free for my friend Melissa who is coming over tomorrow with her two kids and her husband Chris. The second batch was regular flour and it really didn't turn out because it was more sponge-like than cake-like. So I have a lot of broken hearts because they keep falling off the stick.

Jacob and I decorated the cookies tonight after the babies went to bed. He will be bringing each of the preschoolers a cookie and his teacher also for his Valentines party on Tuesday.

I have conducted a taste test and the Duncan Hinzes strawberry frosting is not better than the Pillsbury french vanilla frosting. I have varied the test samples, trying different methods of spreading, glopping and dollopping and I am conclusive in my results. Pillsbury wins all my delegates.

I do often wonder if people really get my sense of humor or if they just don't. Up until recently I wanted to be buried with a smile on my face, but now I've changed my mind. I think my crows feet will be more prominent if I'm smiling so whatever serene look the mortician wants to give me that minimizes wrinkles is fine by me.

I've thought of some short-cuts that may be good for those of you who have multiples or just have a lot of kids.

1) Skip cleaning out your childs ears with a q-tip. If there is a lot of earwax, it will fall out. Let nature run its course.
2) Instead of using plates and bowls which can cause more dishes, just put the food right on the table or on the floor. This makes it easier for you and the dog to clean up later.
3) Daily bathing is highly-overrated. Especially in winter. Your children's skin can dry out so try bathing every two to three days and it saves YOU time.
4) Teach your older kids to help feed and dress the younger kids. You can sleep in then.
5) When babies are really little... you don't have to change into a new outfit everyday and into pjs at night. They tend to poop and pee so much that you're changing onesies and outfits enough. Just change them as needed which tends to be more than enough.
6) I intensely dislike changing crib sheets. So put a waterproof pad below them and you can just wash the pad when they wet through.

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