Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NICU evaluation update

A catch up on the Callaway Family.

Scott is still working a lot. He's getting a cold. I'm looking at him as I type this and he has no clue that I'm blogging about him. (hehehe)

I am in the middle of making two baby blankets for a baby born last week and one due in one month. I'm not having luck in finding time to make them. I probably have about three hours of work left to do.
I am also trying to organize some rooms and get stuff cleaned up but its hard with the babies running around getting into stuff.

Triplet update. John showed Brooke and Matthew how to push the kitchen chairs over to the counter to get stuff on the counters. (Knives have been moved back behind the faucets.)
The babies have been eating a lot lately. They eat their meal and then come and beg for more from me.
Brooke has been super cuddly lately and wants to be held and get hugs. She's more independent so this has been a nice change. John has been spunky John. Today I was trying to get him dressed and he ran away from me and tripped and his the side of his face on the endtable. Luckily we have rounded edges. I put a potato on it right away cause I heard that helps with the swelling and bruising. If for some reason it wasn't supposed to be a potato and it was supposed to be something else, I'm sure the starch was good for his complexion.
Matthew has been into playing with Matchbox cars. He loves to line them up and play with them.
If I didn't blog about it, Jacob has a really nice time with two boys at Sunday School. He was running around playing with them as I got there. It was nice to see him interacting.

Today, Luann and I took the babies to a NICU clinic at Children's Hospital Fox Valley. They offer a free clinic for NICU alumni at 6,9 and 18 months adjusted age. My kids missed the 18 month appointment and we were fortunate to get in this month.

On the way there, I had one of those moments that my heart jumped up in my throat and stayed there. I was driving on HWY 41 and just around a bend a car had spun out. There was a car behind it and one ahead of it. The car was near the median in a snowbank and some guy was trying to push the car out.
It was slippery because of the snow, I was going 70 mph and no one had their flashers on. Oh, and this was just around a corner!
I put on my brakes, felt them lock up, and had to move to the far right lane to avoid the cars. I knew that no one was right beside me and luckily there was a car in the far right lane, but we were going at different speeds so we weren't by each other.
Having the kids in the car makes me a more defensive driver, but now I'm a little gunshy of the highway.
If any of those people that were in their cars happens to read this blog, heres a few tips!
And on to the appointment.
They all passed with flying colors. Matthew weighed just over 27 lbs, Brooke and John just over 24 lbs. They did weigh them with their diapers on though.
They tested their coordination, thinking, motor skills, verbal and they scored between 20-27 months on everything. Their verbals were 20.25 months which is their adjusted age so the speech therapist wasn't concerned. However she's calling in 4-6 weeks to see if they have progressed.
They gave each of the kids crayons to see their scribbling. The physical therapist asked me how often they color. My defense right away is, "they don't that often. They outnumber me! They put them in their mouth and throw them!" But surprisingly no one did that today in front of the therapist.
Then she asked about using spoons and forks. (Pull the string on the see and say toy) "They don't that often. They outnumber me! They put them in their mouths and then throw them!"
Fastforward a few minutes. When asked if they sort their colors or know their colors, I say, "they don't that often, they outnumber me! they put them in their mouths and throw things!"
They assured me I was a good mom and then we all went home.

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