Thursday, April 24, 2008

Walmart lady

You know the joke, "Wanna cart?" when you walk in to Walmart? Many comedians have made a lot of money at Walmarts expense.

Today, as I was going into Walmart, the nice old lady was putting a cart away right near the other carts. She mumbled something when she looked at me, which I thought she said, "This cart is warm." So I engaged her in conversation and said, "What?" She repeated, "That cart is noisy." I said, "Oh."

Now why would she put it back into circulation if its got a problem with it? You know, if they only had problem solvers at Walmart... that place would really be a great place to work and shop.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it is the "nice old ladys" job to determine if the carts get fixed or not.

She is just doing her JOB.

Jean said...

You're a walmart greeter aren't you? Sorry to offend you... but I wouldn't put a squeaky cart back into circulation. I'd call maintenance and have it looked at. You may want to read my previous post of what sarcasm and irony is.