Saturday, April 12, 2008

The stuffing conspiracy

Well, I'm currently washing the SAME load of clothes for the third time. Know why? Because a teddy bear that Brooke got for her birthday and got dirtied exploded. The stuffing came out. This little 9 inch bear has a lot more stuffing than I thought it would. The stitching where the stuffing is put in the bear in the back came loose. You wanna know where this bear was made? Two guesses. Not the USA. Not Cambodia. In good old China. I've checked the bear for lead and lead based paint on the eyes and in the stuffing.

How can we elect China to hold the Olympics when they can't make a stinking stuffed animal? I think I'll go on a China boycott, but I have a feeling that I would be naked and the kids wouldn't have much to play with.

O.K. a baby is crying... again. I can't think. I'm going to put the computer down and back slowly away.

Whats going on in the Callaway household? Well, Scotts on his boys weekend trip. I'm guessing he's getting a pedicure, drinking margaritas and complaining about his spouse like women do on their weekends away. But I wouldn't know. I have never had a weekend with any of the girls. Poor me. I wouldn't necessarily need a whole weekend. Maybe just a night. Or to sleep 12 hours. Or a nice spa day. Its something to dream about.

Jacob is sleeping over at Grandma Callaways house. This will be the last time he sleeps at their old house. They are moving closer to us at the end of April/beginning of May. Jacob is excited about his new room at the new house. Jacob's thumb is kinda gross yet. But he's on day four of his antibiotics. Since watching the Dr. Phil show on MRSA, I'm afraid that he'll get that. I have Lysoled most of the germy things at the house too. And I always wash the kids hands after we go outside or to the store.

My parents came over tonight and we ate pizza and played with the kids. John was so full of himself playing with this helium balloon that was losing its helium so it would float up and then float down. My dad would hold it just out of his reach and he's giggle and try to jump to get it. He was so funny.

Brooke played with her doll and wrapped her in blankets. She smothered her too. I guess its a good thing we don't have babies around here.

Matthew ate a whole slice of pizza tonight. I think the kids are on a growth spurt anyway. I know I am. :) He was playing with a deck of cards most of the day that Jacob forgot to put away. Its funny because he likes to do the same things that Jacob liked to do at that age. He also loves to play with the play kitchen. He is just the sweetest boy. This is why I was so upset that I almost lost him the other day. People can tell he's sweet and easy to manage so thats why they'd want to take him. They aren't going to take the kid that throws temper tantrums or licks carts.

I forgot to mention a funny story from the doctors office the other day. Dr. Acosta and I caught up during our appointment. I miss seeing him and his nurses every week. Or at the end, it was every day. He was looking over my chart and he said, "Why are you taking Zoloft?" And I replied, "I have triplets." And he just smiled. Really, I don't feel like I have to justify why I take anxiety medicine. I am a worrier and a planner and God gave me triplets. This just proves that God has a sense of humor.

Random fact #8 or 9
I do not like stuffed animals - especially when they explode in the wash.

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