Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Parking

I am just horrified. I'm watching the Dancing with the Stars results show just had Def Leppard lip syncing "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Rock just shed a tear tonight to that.

Tonight, Shell Dinter and I took the kids to the park. It was nice for a little while, but quite windy and the later it got, the colder it got. But it was nice to see the babies enjoying the swings.

Jacob wears and wears me out by talking all the time. The kid just does not stop. And most of it is the pretend stuff, my brother who is getting married, my brother has a birthday party, the worms just at a flower, etc... And then on top of that he just whined and whined about everything tonight. He was riding his bike and his head was itchy, his knee hurt, he was tired. Then at the park he wanted me to help him with everything and just really wanted attention.

Thats when it gets a little tough trying to take care of three two-year-olds and an almost five year old that sometimes requires more of my patience than the three babies.

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