Saturday, April 5, 2008

Today was the big FVMOM rummage sale. I'm happy to say I got rid of a ton of stuff. A lot of bigger, hard-to-store stuff. I brought some home too. Scott wasn't very happy about this, but stimulating the kids creativity is of utmost importance.
I got this play kitchen that was more modern than the one I had. Who doesn't want a nicer kitchen? It came with a ton of dishes and play food. The babies were fooled by the food. They couldn't figure out why the toast was so rubbery.
I bought this Thomas the Train pop-up tent. They LOVED it. They saw it after their naps today and said, "Go! Go! Go!" Just like the Thomas book we read a lot.
I also got this ride on digger thing that has three switches and actually moves the digger up and down.
And I got some very cute clothes, mostly for Brooke. A girl can never have too many clothes.
After the babies naps, they went outside again. They love to explore the backyard. Brooke loves to swing. She would sit in the double swing the whole time if I let her. But then she discovered the big swing and now really likes that. I'm amazed at her balance and coordination because she can hold on pretty well and get off by herself.
John was his normal clingy, whiny self. I think it was because I was gone last night and when he got up today, I was gone too. I'd like to think he missed me.
Matthew is just content to explore everything. He clutched his milk cup and swung a little and walked around.
The big birthday party is tomorrow. Jacob and I finished decorating tonight. I baked the cakes and cupcakes and have to decorate them tomorrow. We cleaned the house, but left some things for tomorrow afternoon when the babies nap.
Today, Jacob and Scott were over painting at Grandpa & Grandma Callaways. While Jacob was there playing outside, Grandpa Callaway was cutting something on some piece of machinery. He told Jacob to stay away and I think Jacob forgot and he put his hand up on the saw and cut his thumb.
He is very, very lucky that it wasn't worse. He didn't want me to look at it. I think it scared him a lot. I re bandaged it after bath and it took half his nail off. Its actually pretty disgusting. I told him I'd have to bandage it everyday so he'd have to be brave.
We had a nice talk about listening to big people when they say to stay away and not touch things.

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