Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tailgating is not a sport

I'm on post 151. That sounds like an interstate or highway. Take the 151 to get to the store. I was stuck on the 151 today for an hour!

A few things. I don't really feel like I'm prejudice. Especially when it comes to where a person is from. So today I took the babies to Walmart and we shopped for a bit. Then I loaded them up in the van and was going through the parking lot. It was Saturday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. so it was really crowded. I was going pretty slowly in the down the aisle because there were cars and I didn't want to hit anyone. So I turned onto another aisle to head to the road and this car behind me beeped at me and was riding my tail. So naturally I went even slower because I was trying to figure out if I left my gate open (that has happened twice) or a child was hanging out the window. Nope, everything was shut and all fingers and hands were in the vehicle. So, I notice its a lady in this tiny little imported junker. I turn again on another side road and she's on my tail. I bet there is not five feet between our bumpers. I get into the left turn lane and she gets into the right turn lane and burns off. I look at her car once more and catch a glimpse of her license plate. Illinois. Now, this just affirms all the stereo-types about Illinois drivers. I hated to see that because I like a lot of people from Illinois. But this is not the interstate, there is no bumper to bumper traffic in Appleton Wisconsin. There really is no rush hour here. So why in criminy crickets would she have to drive that way? Sheesh.

So, the babies and I are in one of those blue carts that has the two seats facing forward and then it still has a place where one kid can face them or the pusher. So I'm set with the kids, they aren't getting out - at least not easily. A lady asks me, "Are they the same age?" And we got to talking, she's a twin, yadayadayada. I thought that was a really nice way of asking if they were multiples.
The kids played out in the backyard after we got home. It was still a pretty nice day even after some morning showers. Its so funny to see what each child is interested in. Matthew wanders around, he likes the cozy coupes, he just occupies himself really well. He swings and giggles as I say, "Swing! Swing! Wheee!" (Do you see why people would want to take him? He's so sweet!)

John likes to get out the toys in the big storage bin in the backyard. Its got tons and tons of toys in. He wants to blow bubbles himself, but he ends up putting the wrong end in and eats the bubbles. Or he spills them. So I've put the bubbles in the garage where he can't get at them. He loves to kick balls. He throws some balls on the ground and just goes around kicking them.

Brookey, my Brookey. She loves to sit on the big swing and balances so well. She'd sit on there all day or until her hands went numb. She loves to play catch and just throws a ball or football up and catches it. She has very good hand-eye coordination. Another funny Brooke story. I got the big Pooh Bear up that someone I used to work with, Kevin, bought Jacob before he was born. She carries that thing around like its her baby. She gives it rides in the Mega Blocks wagon, she puts a blanket over it, she gives Pooh drinks from her cup. She screamed and screamed when John tried to touch her Pooh. So because John knew that bothered her, he kept at it.

And I went with the Playtex sippy cups. They make good underwear, so I figured their sippy cups can hold up for 18 hours too.

Random fact #10. I think my favorite thing in most of the world is Mint Girl Scout Cookies. And they are also John's too!

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Kelly said...

I so love the pics! And HAHA about Illinois drivers. Thanks for the warning. Around here the Maryland and North Carolina drivers get the bad raps.