Monday, April 7, 2008

The Hangover

After the big day, I'd say we all had a sugar hangover. The babies were super whiny today when I was around. But when I was gone, they were fine. Its nice to know I'm needed. But I wish they'd learn to verbalize their feelings more.
Matthew is learning his numbers. Well, they all are, but he counts the most. He's so darn cute when he does it too. He looks at his fingers and counts twoooo, foooor, fieee, ninnnneee. Luann and Mark have been teaching them to count. He or John will count their cars too. Its just another sign that they are growing up. The really funny thing is that at that age Jacob was much more interested in counting than the alphabet. Looks like Matthew will be the same way.
I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow to get in for Jacob's thumb. When I looked at it tonight, it may be infected where the nail came off. Its so hard for him to keep it out of water and probably keep it clean. Its wrapped up good, but I could tell it had gotten wet and was all wrinkly and gross. I'm not going to even tell him until we get to the dr's office. He will freak out. He does not want to look at his thumb, much less have it touched.
Sam was helping Matthew find Easter eggs.
Two of the sweetest children on earth. Matthew and my niece Katie.
Look at our vacuum cleaner. It looks like we never empty it, but it gets empty almost every time I use it. Notice I say, "I" not we. Lots of dust and cat hair. And cheerios. And raisins. And cracker crumbs.

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