Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Grinding Incident

Well, yesterday was not much of a fun day. First Jacob and I had to go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned. Jacob must have residual nightmares about being put under at the hospital to get his five fillings and a cap, so he really didn't want anyone near his mouth.
THEN, I tricked him into going to the dr to get his thumb checked out. I'm glad I went because the doctor said this was the first grinding accident that he has seen. Half of Jacobs nail is ground off and we're not sure if it ground off anymore skin underneath to the bone or not. Sounds gross? Yep, it is. Jacob does not want anyone touching it or even looking at it. As a precaution, he was put on oral antibiotics for bacterial infections because of the nature of the injury. The doctor actually said he'd like to see his thumb in a couple of weeks just to see what it looks like. Not because he'll need to be seen, but because he's curious.
Then we had church pictures last night. Yeah, that was fun. None of the pictures were perfect, but at least we're all kind of looking at the camera and not crying.
Today, because I knew we'd all drive each other crazy in the house, we went to the mall. This was the first time I took all four children alone to the mall. We shopped for leggings for Brooke, got our feet sized and then got McDonalds to eat. As I was trying to find a place to sit, I ran into Monica S. from FVMOM and her five kids. We sat together and all of our kids ate and played near us. It was really nice to talk with her and she has a little girl about 4 months younger than the babies and they all sat at a little table and ate. I'm sure people around us thought they were in a zoo. But we didn't lose any kids...

Then I was brave enough to take them into the play area by myself. It was working out so well that I thought I should do it again. Then as I started putting John in the stroller - against his will - I took my eyes of Brooke and Matthew. I found Brooke on the slide, but couldn't find Matthew.
I ran to the entrance of the play area and looked around. I asked one of the moms if she had seen a little one around and she said no kids had come out recently. I went around the play area again and still didn't see him. Panic set it. I could feel my eyes starting to well up. I spoke up to other moms. I asked them to look for a boy in a striped shirt like John was wearing. A mom spotted him in a corner behind one of the play things. I cannot tell you how relieved I was. I was so scared.

This is why I don't want to take them anywhere by myself. They are the perfect age for wandering. It was so scary. Its two hours later and I'm still feeling it.

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Kelly said...

OMG! How scary!! I'm terrified to take mine anywhere by myself too. I'm only one person, and I don't know how to have three sets of eyes, and you need four!